Welcome to A GP for Me Vancouver

A project led by Vancouver family doctors to improve our health care system so that more Vancouverites can have a GP.


Health care providers have always understood the benefits of having a family doctor (also called a GP). It’s better for your health, for system health and saves money for everyone.

However, many people can’t find a family doctor – about 24,000 of us in Vancouver – and family doctors are so busy that they can’t take on more.  Now, family doctors and health authorities are working together to improve our health care system so that more people can have a family doctor.  We want you to help us to do this by sharing your ideas for improving the system.

Here’s what’s behind all this:  The Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC (formerly known as the BC Medical Association) have been working together to find ways to make health care more accessible, more comprehensive and more sustainable, so that we can get the best care when we need it, for now and in the future.

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice – an organization run by and for family doctors – has brought family doctors and health system partners together to think of ways to improve health care in Vancouver.  Their starting point is thinking about ways to strengthen the relationship that is at the heart of health – between a patient and their family doctor. They have ways to make it easier for doctors to provide and coordinate care for their patients, so that more doctors can provide care to more patients and more citizens can have a family doctor.

Through three events that involved over 200 family doctors, they have identified ways that we can improve the efficiency of the system, and the strength of healing relationships.  Now we want you to help us by telling us if you think these ideas will help. Please take our survey and watch the site for more events and opportunities for you to help us build a more effective system that works for you.


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