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A GP for Me Vancouver is part of a province-wide initiative funded by the Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health. One in six Vancouver residents doesn’t have a family doctor and 24,000 are actively looking. The Vancouver Division of Family Practice has listened to thousands of citizens and working GPs and is in the process of developing a plan to address this challenge. Stay tuned for updates about our plan of action.

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Personality Traits of a Quality Dentist

A dentist at SE Calgary isn’t just someone who focuses on caring for their patients. This is because many of those practicing their profession in the said location also run their own dental clinic. It is never an easy task to juggle both working to provide your patients with the best services and make your business successful at the same time.

When this is the case, it is not just enough that a dentist is skilled at his or her profession. He or she also needs to have the qualities of an effective manager to be able to propel the business at great heights. Here are some qualities you need to know if you are trying to get into being a dentist at SE Calgary.

Communicating with a patient is different from talking with a group of people in a classroom. You deal with patients on a one-on-one basis all the time. The term closely in the phrase refers to its literal meaning because you will often need to talk with your patient where your faces are in close proximity. As a professional, you need to be comfortable with such a set-up because if you aren’t, your patient may sense your being distant and might perceive you as a rude person.

Because you are dealing with customer service, your patients must be able to talk with you with ease. Be sure to have a friendly personality so that if they have inquiries, they can easily discuss them with you and you could explain to them with no trouble. Remember, your patient should be comfortable around you at all times in order for them to trust you with all their future appointments.

It has already been mentioned that patients should trust you with their oral hygiene. Aside from being approachable, another way to earn their trust is that if you are a reliable SE Calgary dentist. This has something to do with you being able to carry out well the services you are offering. Although it is sometimes inevitable to feel some pain during a dental appointment, try your best to make the experience as smooth-sailing as possible for your patient.

If you own the dental clinic, you will sometimes work alongside personnel and staff, who you need to hire. It is inevitable that you not only have a good relationship with them, but also have the leadership attitude that would earn respect from your employees. As a leader, you will have to make business decisions that are highly significant to improve your establishment.

In customer service and care, it is important that you are passionate about your job. This means you go to work every day with the same enthusiasm as when you first started being a dentist. If you lose the fire, you will not only lose your patients, but your business will crumble down with it.

Who says being a dentist is only about cleaning teeth or extracting tooth? If you have your own business, you should naturally be a leader. However, in addition to this, you have to have the skills of a good teacher. Your employees may need your guidance at times regarding certain issues of the clinic. As the owner of the establishment, telling them what to do isn’t enough, you should also be able to teach them what to do, so the next time a similar issue emerges, your employees will be able to confidently address it head on.

Being a dentist at SE Calgary is no walk in the park. There are many clinics there that offer high-quality services. If you are thinking of breaking into the scene, it is a must to consider the traits mentioned above. While you’re at it, you may want to take some courses on business and marketing, if you are not sure how to run your planned dental clinic.